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Ad Features

Your advertisement on The Villages will have everything that your customers will want to know about your services! We offer 3 great listings to meet your unique advertising goals, needs, & budget. The chart below indicated the features of the Platinum, Gold, & Silver listings.

QUICK TIP: Click the [?] to see more information about each of our ad features.
Photograph [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Logo [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Contact Information [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Business Hours [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
2-Part Coupon [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Directions: Text & Google® [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
"Contact Us" Form E.mail [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Link To Your Website [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Ratings System [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Ad Performance Statistics [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Listing Counter [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Classifieds [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Text Description [?] 800 characters 800 characters 400 characters
Bullet Points [?] 9 items 9 items 4 items
Listing Availability [?] combined max of 5 listings per subcategory unlimited
E.Newsletter [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog  
Calendar of Events [?] Plaid Frog Plaid Frog Plaid Frog
Listing Edits via My Guide [?] FREE! FREE! $25/submission
Banner Ad [?] Plaid Frog    
Placement [?] 1st position 2nd position 3rd position
Pricing [?] $1495/year $795/year $295/year


Photograph Your listing will have a photograph of your choice. You may choose to upload your own digital image or choose one from our image gallery.
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Logo Your company logo can be featured on your ad to help build your brand identity.
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E.Newsletters You will enjoy how easy it is to keep in touch with your customers with our predesigned newsletters. Not only will they create additional traffic to your listing on The Villages, they are a GREAT way to encourage repeat sales. When visitors view your ad, they will see the opportunity to join your private e.mail list. You can also easily enter new recipients to your mailing list via your My Guide Admin Panel.
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Contact Information Contact name, address, phone, numbers, & more!
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Business Hours Provide your hours of operation for the entire week. Plus, you even have the option of adding typed specific instructions regarding special hours due to holidays or sale events.
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Coupon Every business advertiser is required to offer a promotion or savings, except where restricted by law or not typical to an industry. Your 2-part coupon is what keeps visitors returning to The Guide again & again. We suggest keeping your listing's content fresh by changing your coupon offer often. Coupons from the Guide are unique because they are like an ad! They feature your contact information, company logo, & your listing's bullet points. When a customer prints your coupon, they will have everything that they will need to know about your business! Encourage a response by offering a GREAT coupon now that you have their attention!
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Directions Automatically generated Google® directions to the location of your choice as well as your descriptive text directions are included with your listing. Both of these features make it easy to send your customers directly to your doorstep. We also offer a "We come to you" option for businesses that travel.
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E.mail Link Customers can contact you online with our simple fill-in-the-blank form e.mail. This optional feature allows you to select which e.mail address you want to use to receive these messages.
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Website Link Now that you have their attention, you can give your potential customers more information about your business with this optional website link.
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Ratings System Our rating system allows your current customers to rate your business on 7 different points: Quality Of Service, Value For Dollar, Selection, Promptness, Workmanship, Cleanliness, & Professionalism. This breakdown gives our visitors to make their purchasing decisions based on the factors that are most important to them. When potential customers view this feedback, they can be assured that what they see is genuine. Our ratings are real because our system only allows each registered user to rate your business one time.
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Live Ad

Unlike any other form of advertising, you can view your ads performance on The Villages! When you log into your My Guide admin panel, you will see how many viewers have visited your listing's main category, subcategory, your listing, coupon, directions, ratings, & events. This LIVE feedback provides insight to the response your listing is receiving on The Villages Plus, you will be able to track the response that you generating from your E.newsletter & Bookmark campaign when you see spikes in your visits.
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Listing Counter A counter that is shown at the bottom of your listings page to indicate the total number of viewers that have visited your ad.
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Classifieds Unlimited BUSINESS related classifieds ads are included with your subscription to The Villages HELP WANTED ads are the favorite amongst our advertisers!
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Text Description Tell your potential customers what sets your services apart from your competitors with details about your expertise, services, & background.
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Bullet Points When a customer doesn't feel like reading your description, you can quickly let them know what you do with this bold itemized list of services.
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Listing Availability A subcategory may feature any combination of Platinum & Gold listings with the combined total not to exceed 5 ads. Once these 5 first premium spaces are sold out, a premium space in this subcategory will not be available until an advertiser opts to not renew their subscription. This exclusivity gives our advertisers the opportunity to secure a premium position amongst other area businesses who offer similar services. Our silver listings are sold in unlimited numbers.
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Calendar of Events Drive traffic to your location by promoting your business' upcoming events such as Grand Openings, Presentations, & Big Sale Events. You may opt to have these events shown on your listing's page, on the main calendar, or both.
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Listing Edits We encourage our advertisers to keep their content fresh by updating their listings photograph, coupon, or events schedule. Customers will return to your ad again & again if they know that there is more to see! This enticement will increase your repeat sales. All edits made to Platinum & Gold listings are FREE when an advertisers creates them using their My Guide admin panel. All revisions made to Silver listings will incur a $25 charge for each completed submission.
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Banner Ad: Increase your exposure to viewers with a banner ad! Your banner ad will rotate on the main category page where your subcategory is located. When a visitor clicks on your banner ad, they will be taken directly to your listing!
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Placement: Our Platinum listings rotate amongst themselves in the first position in front of all Gold & Silver Listings. The banner ad that comes with this listing allows you to appear ahead of all listings in both the main & subcategory where your listing resides! Our Gold listings appear behind all Platinum listings & in front on all Silver listings. They rotate amongst the other Gold listings in the same subcategory. Our silver listings appear behind all Platinum & Gold listings & rotate amongst all other Silver listings in the same subcategory.
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Pricing: We offer 3-types of listings in various subscription lengths. Please visit our RATES page to see full pricing and details.
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