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This section will provide you with resources for your home after a natural disaster.
1. Housing assistance: If your home has been completely demolished, you can apply for long term housing with FEMA. This will let you to live rent free for a fixed period of time.
2. Mortgage Payments: Most mortgage companies have offered hurricane victims relief on their mortgage payments. They're extending grace periods -- up to 90 days to make a payment and postponing foreclosure actions for any borrowers living within zip codes identified by FEMA as part of the federal disaster area. Borrowers there will not be charged late fees and late payments will not be reported to credit agencies, preserving the credit ratings of victims.

Homeowners are urged to contact the lender to whom they make monthly payments, which can be different from their original mortgage banker, who may have transferred account to other financial institutions.
3. Property Tax Payments: To see if special arrangements for your tax payments can be made, visit the Lake County Florida Property Tax website for more information.
4. Insurance Claims: If you disagree with your insurer about the extent of your loss, you have several options. Consider hiring an independent adjuster who will be able to supply you with some ammunition. The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters website can provide more information about your claims adjuster.

You can also invoke the appraisal clause in your policy that allows both you and your insurer to name an appraiser who then agree on a third appraiser to evaluate your claim. Take your case to your state's insurance department, which will often cajole insurers to up their offers.

Even if you've already received a check from the insurance company, you shouldn't assume that it's the final settlement offer. If you never had a chance to survey the damage before filing, or you've forgotten to include an item, call your insurance company and reopen your claim.
5. Severely Damaged Home: Recent home buyers paying hefty mortgages may be tempted to abandon severely damaged properties, figuring they are not worth what they owe. In most instances that would be a mistake. If you walk away from your mortgage it will severely affect your credit.
6. Change of Address: A big problem evacuees face is access to their mail. They can obtain a change of address form at any post office and arrange to have their mail forwarded. Evacuees can also find more information on the U.S. Postal Service website or call at 1-800/275-8777.
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