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THE VILLAGES STORM DAMAGE: Post Storm Clean Up... Art & Documents
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The good news is, precious keepsakes may still be salvageable! Even if a photograph or important document is completely soaked, as long as the area is not contaminated, it can be saved. If the flood waters did not damage the negatives, you can make new prints anytime. If there are no negatives follow tips below.
10 steps to care for damaged photos and documents:
1) Be careful not to touch the fragile surface of wet photographs
2) If the photograph or document is in a frame, remove them immediately to dry on its own
3) Rinse the surface of the photo or document with clean water
4) If photos need to be transferred, you may stack them, but only after putting a sheet of wax paper between each photo. Then place them in a ventilated bag
5) Place them in a freezer of refrigerator if you can not attend to them right away
6) Do not place them in a plastic bag if you can not get them into a freezer right away. Sealing damp items cause mold to grow and deteriorate your piece
7) When ready, separate each photo and dry them, face up on a clean/dry surface. Be sure to open a window, or increase air circulation with a fan, air conditional or dehumidifier to reduce risk of mold or mildew
8) Make sure not to put them in direct sunlight since it may dry the photo or document too quickly causing splits,  buckling or other irreversible damage
9) If you are concerned about your photo curling, or the extent of the damage, take it to your local conservator, or framing specialist
10) Please note that if the photographs have dried while stuck together or have become moldy, it may not be possible to save them
Helpful Links About Restoring Artwork After A Natural Disaster
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