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Letter from The Villages ...  March 5, 2007

AFTER THE TORNADOS... What You Need To Know
It has been just over a month since the Tornados hit The Villages & several towns throughout, Florida. Time has passed & allowed us to begin moving forward. But, the scarred areas in our town still exist. Places where we used to live, dine, and play are gone. Some Villagers have been able to pick up the pieces and move forward, while others may still be struggling with the loss. These issues can be in the form of trying to settle claims with their insurance companies, repairing damaged property, sorting through health and legal issues, and just coping with the reality of the loss.

On some level, I think everyone has a wariness of weather reports and the post traumatic response that is common after a huge life altering event. So, with these issues in mind, we have added a section to The Villages that will help you answer questions about various issues during this rebuilding period.

We have already done the legwork for you & have found some really impressive information that we think will be helpful. The most effective thing we can do is to arm ourselves with knowledge BEFORE a disaster strikes. We urge you to take some time to learn your rights and familiarize yourself with the areas where you'll find helpful resources and services.

One of the biggest requests that visitors to The Villages had right after the storm was about how to get in touch with their loved ones. After most disasters, it is difficult to get calls to go through because of power outages, overloaded phone lines, & downed telephone wires. But, did you know that you can contact your family quickly with FREE wireless internet access? There are many locations in our area that offer this service every day. All you need to do is bring your laptop with wireless internet capabilities to any of the spots shown below. Naturally, if you aren't sure of how to use this functionality, be sure to bring along your favorite computer wiz too! We suggest the following locations:

Panera Bread (Spanish Springs Town Square, The Villages)
McDonalds (Next to Spruce Creek on 441/27, Lady Lake)
Denny's (Near Blockbuster Video off of 441/27, The Villages)
Starbucks (Spanish Springs Town Square, The Villages)
Starbucks (Lake Sumter Landing Square, The Villages)
Starbucks (441/27 & Rolling Acres Road, The Villages)
  Starbucks... Use the free 1-day Hot Spot Pass

In addition to contacting family, the internet is the easiest way to get information quickly that relates to your situation. Don't forget, you can also use the computers at any Lake County Library System library for free to help you gather data. When you are ready to search for local businesses & services in our area, be sure to search The Villages You'll find everything your looking for and a coupon too!

Thank you for visiting our site and please tell a friend!

-- Karen Donnelly  (Owner of Plaid Frog's

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